BEACHFRONT tanning mitt

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Get an even, streak-free tan—while protecting your hand!

  • The perfect complement to BEACHFRONT whipped tanning mousse
  • Minimizes risk of stains while applying BEACHFRONT whipped tanning mousse
  • Dual-sided with velvet for luxurious application and flawless finish
  • Helps smooth and apply for an even, streak-free tan 

Fill weight: 1 tanning mitt

Get a streak-free tan with ease with the all-new BEACHFRONT tanning mitt. It perfectly complements BEACHFRONT whipped tanning mousse for a smooth, luxurious-feeling tan in no time.

It’s dual-sided with velvet for the softest application you could imagine, and its size and shape accommodate just about anyone’s hands. Allow yourself the indulgent luxury of these gorgeous tanning products.

How To:

  1. Prep: Before using BEACHFRONT tanning mitt to apply BEACHFRONT whipped tanning mousse, we recommend preparing the skin. To do so: Apply a generous amount of BEACHFRONT body scrub to clean, wet skin. Be sure to focus on elbows, knees, and other dry areas to create a smooth, even canvas. After scrubbing in circular motion, rinse with warm water.

  2. Tan: Apply two to three pumps of BEACHFRONT whipped tanning mousse onto tanning mitt. Starting at the ankles and moving upward, glide mitt over clean, dry skin with long, sweeping motions. Thoroughly wash and dry hands after application. 

       3. Aftercare: Wash mitt with soap and warm water to help keep it clean and ready for its next use.

  • Dual-sided with velvet for a luxuriously soft, smooth application
  • Applies BEACHFRONT whipped tanning mousse more easily, evenly, and with a streak-free finish
  • In an independent consumer study of BEACHFRONT whipped tanning mousse:
    • 94% said the product was easy to apply.*
    • 94% said the product applies evenly without streaking.*
    • 88% said the product had a mess-free application.*

* Results from an independent consumer study. Individual results may vary.


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