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Your go-to touch of sun to warm up any look

  • It comes in five hues to warm up any skin tone.
  • Its smooth, creamy formula glides on with ease.
  • You can blend it out for a bronzed-up glow or build it up for a totally chiseled contour.

Fill weight: 11.5 g / 0.405 oz


Is it warm in here, or is it just the YOUNIQUE TOUCH matte bronzer? This little kiss of sun’s five warming hues make it one of the best matte bronzers for every skin tone. Want a cheekbones-for-days contour or jaw-dropping jawline? We’ve got you. It’s buildable and blendable so you can both warm up and chisel out your features.

You can leave your jacket at the door—this sun-kissed bronzer is the perfect way to get that selfie-ready warmth from the comfort of your vanity. Its range of colors lets you warm up any look, and it’s water-, smudge-, and transfer-resistant with up to 12 hours of wear time* for a sun-kissed warmth and killer contour—even after sunset.

Ever wanted a face sculpted like a Greek goddess? YOUNIQUE TOUCH matte bronzer is both buildable and blendable, so feel free to grab your YOUNIQUE sculpting brush in lieu of a chisel and sculpt away. This ray of sunshine is one of the best matte bronzers to build up and use as a contour, so whether you’re framing the face or using it to define specific areas, this effortlessly blendable, buildable, sun-kissed bronzer has you covered.

*Results from a third-party expert evaluation. Individual results may vary.

How To:

  1. WARM
    Using the YOUNIQUE sculpting brush, apply product lightly and evenly to hairline, jawline, and across high points of face.
    Using the YOUNIQUE sculpting brush, apply and build product under cheekbones and along jawline to create definition.
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